One on one swimming lessons* 

*I do not teach 2 people together. If there are 2 of you interested, please register for separate sessions.


Prices include:


  • Access to hot shower/changing room facilities at leased pools.

  • Advice at your first lesson to ensure you buy the right pair of goggles to suit your face shape and needs (a range of sizes, colours and styles available to purchase on site). Eye protection is highly recommended for your comfort and to build confidence quicker. 

  • All teaching equipment (self-practice equipment is available to purchase).


"Get Wet"

(1 x 30 mins)

A single session for beginners wishing to trial it, or for swimmers seeking to target a specific skill area.


gst free



(4 x 30 mins)

For absolute beginners to learn the basics of breath control, floating, kicking and paddling. 


gst free

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(4 x 30 mins)

For swimmers seeking to improve current technique. 


gst free

**You're welcome to continue booking classes in blocks of 4 x 30 mins ($400 gst free), after your course.

Please note that Discovery and Achiever courses must be completed within 2 months of payment date;

this is to ensure student learning momentum.

How long does it take to learn to swim? 

I always get asked this over the phone and it's impossible to answer without assessing you in the water!

It really depends on:

  • Your current ability and fitness

  • Your goals (to master one particular stroke or all strokes)

  • Your frequency of lessons (once weekly or up to daily)

  • If you practise between lessons

  • Your own motivation and attitude


There is no "average" length of time! I would however say that after around 8 lessons, a complete beginner should have confidence in breath control, balance and movement in water (with or without flotation aids will depend on the individual).