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Getting the right kit for success

All teaching equipment is provided for swimming lessons e.g. kickboards, noodles etc.

You may wish to buy some or all of the below, to help you to learn to swim*.


Please note that a swimming cap is compulsory at the Artarmon pool (to maintain pool water quality).

*All available to buy at your lesson; prices match (or lower than) Rebel Sports.

Avoid arriving at your first lesson with the wrong/unnecessary products bought from a shop!


Buy on-site: $20-50

Goggles can make the biggest difference when learning to swim! I find 99.9% students need goggles to feel comfortable and confident in the water. If you can't keep your eyes open underwater, how will you know where you're going?!


If you have poor eyesight and wish to order prescription goggles, click here.

Swimming cap

Buy on-site: $12-13

Wearing a cap can prevent wet hair from affecting your vision and balance.


Compulsory to wear at Artarmon pool to maintain pool water quality. 


Buy on-site: $30

If you plan to practise between lessons, this is THE essential training aid to buy. It can be used to develop any stroke and at all levels from beginner to advanced.


All training equipment including a kickboard is available to borrow for free when hiring the Artarmon pool for self-practice.

Centre line snorkel

Buy on-site: $40

Generally suited for more advanced swimmers who have already mastered breath control and are able to focus on other areas of improvement (e.g. stroke correction).


I always recommend practising with and without the snorkel, so as to maintain the correct breath control skills without it. 

Nose clips

Buy on-site:


If you cannot keep the water from coming up your nose.


Some students use this accessory as a transitional aid, before swimming without wearing one. It's a great way to eliminate the distraction/discomfort with water entering the nose, in order to focus on body movement. 

Ear plugs

Buy on-site: $13

If you are prone to ear infections/dislike water entering ears.


I'm used to students wearing these, and will always speak louder so I can still be heard! 

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