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STILL UNSURE? Here's what more clients say....



"I have always feared water as a child, that’s why learning swimming as an adult is a challenge, however, learning became fun because of Petrina. She is very encouraging and has showed me the effective techniques to learn it fast. Thanks Petrina."



"As a man who can't swim it was tough to try to learn and Petrina acts in a calming and relaxed manner. She tailors the lessons specifically for the individual and is very thoughtful and composed with her comments and suggestions."




"My experience was excellent. I went from very little confidence in the pool to now feeling very comfortable and definitely water safe. Your patience and tailoring to my needs was fantastic. Thanks!"

Lee & Lian

St Ives

"It's a very pleasurable experience to learn swimming from Petrina's class. She customised the class time for my husband and me based on our skills and different needs, which is very helpful for us to learn swimming quickly. Also, she always can give useful suggestions to help us improve the skills."


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