Frequently asked questions


How long will it take to learn how to swim?

This question is asked all the time, and it's very difficult to say before seeing you in the water! It will depend on your motivation level, if you find time to practice in between lessons, and general ability/fitness. After 2-3 lessons I will be able to advise on how many lessons you may need to progress to swimming confidently and with good technique.

Do you teach triathletes?

That depends. If you are already a proficient swimmer looking for training for faster or long distance racing, then no. If you consider your swim level more basic and/or need help with skills like breath control, then yes.

How do I book?

Please sign up online and I will be in touch to discuss upcoming availability. There is no online booking system as timetabling changes very frequently based on client bookings.

How do I pay?

Payment is made by online bank transfer (bank account details will be emailed to you at time of booking). Please kindly note that any sessions discussed cannot be reserved without funds to accompany. You are welcome to send through a bank receipt as proof of payment, ahead of funds being received. The business is not set up to accept credit card payments.

Help! I want to achieve a specific goal by a certain date! Do you offer intensive courses?

Yes certainly! Please contact me to discuss upcoming availability. Let's make it happen!

What should I bring to lessons?

All teaching equipment is provided, you just need to bring your swimmers, towel and a water bottle (plastic not glass please). Please kindly note that a swimming cap is compulsory at the Artarmon pool. Click here for info on equipment available to purchase at your 1st lesson.

Do you teach nervous students?

Indeed I do. I have lots of experience teaching nervous adults, to help them overcome their fear in the water.

What ages do you teach?

swim with a smile students are of all ages; from 18 through to early 80s.

How do I go about practising between our lessons?

Click here for tips on visiting a public pool for the first time. The Artarmon pool is also available to hire for self practice.


How much does private tuition cost?

Please click here.


When and how often can I take lessons?

Click here for teaching times dependent on the pool. As a specialist of adult only tuition, teaching hours offer you the flexibility to fit in lessons around your busy work and social commitments.

The frequency of lessons is chosen by you, however a 4 lesson package is a 2 month pass, to ensure student learning momentum.

What if it's raining or I am sick?

Please refer to the terms and conditions.


Where do you teach?

Click here for locations; completely private, indoor and heated.

Do I need to have my own pool or can we have lessons in a public pool?

Most public pools perceive this type of teaching service as competition to their own.

Private tuition is therefore offered in leased private indoor heated pools in Lane Cove or Artarmon.

Service contract

What are your terms and conditions?

Please click here.