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(with videos)

It's never too late to learn


This book (together with videos) provide great tools to self-teach if:


• You can’t or don’t wish to take swimming lessons.

• You wish to prepare yourself prior to taking swimming lessons.

• You seek to enhance your knowledge to complement current swimming lessons.


Any adult can get water confident, regardless of age or starting level.


Whether you’re learning from scratch or seeking tips on how to improve, this book is packed with over 100 illustrations (with online videos), step-by-step instructions for self-practice, and solutions to common issues you might encounter.


Learn how to:

•Address physical or psychological challenges behind building confidence in the water.

•Breathe properly.

•Float effectively.

•Swim recreationally using freestyle, backstroke and breaststroke.

•Survive calmly in deep water (tread water).

•Snorkel confidently.

Adult learn to swim book
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