Having taught over 1000 students on an individual basis, Petrina specialises in tailored private swimming lessons for adults in completely private pools; ensuring a safe and discreet environment to learn in.





  • Accredited AUSTSWIM Teacher of Adults (winner of 2018 National Award for Teacher of Adults)

  • Accredited AUSTSWIM Teacher of Swimming and Water Safety (ages 4 yrs+)

  • Accredited AUSTSWIM Teacher of Infant and Preschool Aquatics (ages 6 mths to 4 yrs)

  • Qualified in CPR & First Aid






  • Associate Member of the Australian Swim Schools Association

  • $10 million public liability & $5 million professional indemnity insurance policy

  • Cleared Working With Children Check

  • ABN 82 853 316 240



Stanhope Gardens

"I am very thankful that there are such swimming lessons like yours that cater for private adult swimming lessons.


When I enrolled I was so nervous and had doubts not only about myself but also very concerned of what kind of relationship I would get from my swimming coach. After our first lesson, all those concerns /uncertainty completely disappeared. I find your approach very accommodating, your patience is surprisingly endless and always relaxed. Your method of instructions are easy to follow with both practical demonstration and technical explanation.  


Thanking you for establishing this kind of business and for your patience in helping me in my learn to swim journey. I can’t wait till I visit my grandkids and surprise them that their grandpa is able to join them swimming in the beach."


Sydney CBD

"I learned in 15 days only, & I learn freestyle, breaststroke, torpedo, backstroke and many little details, which I couldn't have done any where else. I must say Petrina has lot of good tricks to teach swimming. She is always on time even in cold early morning, never angry or upset, very cool teacher."

Wai Ming


"I felt the extra money I paid for the private lessons with you versus group lessons was well worth all the bonuses I got.

You were really encouraging and I never felt down about myself for taking longer to pick up certain skills.  Swimming has a lot to do about confidence as well and I feel that you really helped amp that part up for me as prior to the lessons, I'd have slight anxiety attacks when it came to getting into the water."



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