Private adult swimming lessons


Are you a beginner looking for adult learn to swim lessons?

Or are you a swimmer who has problems with breathing?

I can help you to master a skill for life - it's not too late!



Private lessons

Learn one on one

in a completely private indoor heated pool

tailored to your goals.

Book on adult swimming

Written by Petrina, this book is packed with step-by-step instructions for self-practice and solutions to common issues.

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Free videos

on learn to swim

These short clips take you through the step-by-step process of learning to float, swim strokes and tread water.


Best Swim Teacher of Adults in New South Wales in 2018

Best Swim Teacher of Adults in Australia in 2018


"I felt the extra money I paid for the private lessons with you versus group lessons was well worth all the bonuses I got.

You were really encouraging and I never felt down about myself for taking longer to pick up certain skills. 


Swimming has a lot to do about confidence as well and I feel that you really helped amp that part up for me as prior to the lessons, I'd have slight anxiety attacks when it came to getting into the water."

- Wai Ming